By becoming a FireMed Member, you agree to the terms stated below.  If you would like a copy of the Membership terms mailed to you, please call 541-296-9445.

FireMed Membership benefits are extended to the primary member, his/her spouse or domestic partner and their dependents claimed on their income tax return. Elderly or disabled family members living in the same household are also covered.

The first person listed on the application form is designated as the “Primary Member”. Only those persons who meet the membership eligibility requirements AND are listed in the membership record at the time services are rendered are eligible for benefits. Per government regulations, individuals covered by Medicaid are not eligible for membership and should not apply.

FireMed Memberships are not an insurance policy but secondary to insurance carriers. All available insurances will be billed first. We will accept payment from insurance carriers as payment in full.

FireMed Plus, Life Flight Network Memberships are honored by several regional air transport reciprocal partners. Your FireMed Plus, Life Flight Network Membership covers air and ground transport when emergency transported in a Life Flight Network aircraft or vehicle. Reciprocity between regional air membership programs is subject to the reciprocating program’s rules.

Basic Ground Memberships are honored by FireMed Membership programs of Oregon. Ground Membership covers ground ambulance charges only.

Both air and ground emergent 9-1-1 and interfacility transports are based on medical need, not membership status. Patients are transported to the closest medically appropriate facility as requested by the physician or EMS system. Non-emergent transports are not covered by this agreement. Membership benefits do not cover the costs associated with air medical transport for the purpose of organ transplant.

Availability of service cannot be guaranteed due to weather conditions, commitment to another transport or aircraft out-of-service.

No refunds will be issued on Membership purchases. Membership benefits are non-transferrable.

Renewal payments must be received prior to the expiration date to avoid a lapse in benefits. There is no grace period.

New and lapsed Membership benefits take effect 72 hours after receipt of a completed enrollment with payment.

Membership fees are not tax-deductible.

I transfer directly to Life Flight Network and/or FireMed Agency my rights to air and/or ground insurance payments due to me for services provided by Life Flight Network and/or the FireMed Agency. Such payments shall not exceed Life Flight Network and/or FireMed regular charges.

I specifically waive any and all rights, claims or causes of action against Life Flight Network and/or the FireMed Agency and its employees and agents with respect to my Life Flight Network and/or FireMed Membership and the Life Flight Network and/or FireMed Membership Program.

The Membership Program may be canceled at any time for any reason, including financial feasibility and governmental regulation of such programs.