Robert F. Palmer, Fire Chief

Jay Wood, Division Chief

Dan Hammel, Division Chief

Dave Lapof, Division Chief

Dana Woods, Office Manager



Steve Brown, Captain

Curt Mason, Lieutenant

Rob Graves, Firefighter

Hal Woods, Firefighter

Erik Wright, Firefighter

Brandon Johnson, Firefighter



Fred Coleman, Captain

Joel Brown, Lieutenant

Paul DePriest, Firefighter

Pete Thalhofer, Firefighter

Ryan Bielenberg, Firefighter

Bruce Neelands, Firefighter



Steve B., Captain

Eric Blumenthal, Lieutenant

Walt Denstedt, Engineer

Rick Harrington, Engineer

Casey Johnson, Firefighter

— Vacant –, Firefighter

Citizen Alerts

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Burn Information

  • There is NO burning allowed anywhere within Wasco County starting July 1, 2017 until fire season ends.
  • When burning resumes in the fall (date to be determined), permits are always required to burn, regardless of your location within the Fire District.
  • Burn barrels are no longer allowed inside the city limits.