Below are links to the Protocols, Procedures and Medications for EMS personnel who have Dr. Erin Burnham as their Supervising Physician.


There are also archived Protocols, Procedures and Medication sheets from previous years for reference.


EMS Protocols 2017 – 1_13_17

Procedures 2017 – 1_9_17

Emergency Meds 2017 – 1_9_17


ATAB 6 MCI Plan – 2015

MCI Plan Supporting Documents




ATAB 6 – Mass Casualty Incident Plan 4.00 1-2012

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Burn Information

  • There is NO burning allowed anywhere within Wasco County starting July 1, 2017 until fire season ends.
  • When burning resumes in the fall (date to be determined), permits are always required to burn, regardless of your location within the Fire District.
  • Burn barrels are no longer allowed inside the city limits.