Vision Statement

Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue should be recognized as a model of excellence in fire protection, emergency medical and other community services. We must strive to be recognized as the service our customers value the most:

  • Where safety from fire, medical and other hazardous conditions is progressively attained through preventive measures, and when emergencies do occur, we are quick to respond and service is outstanding.
  • Where every home and business is protected with effective fire and life safety technology and maintained in a fashion that will ensure early detection and notification if a fire should occur.
  • Where business, community and government work together to do their part with us in developing an ongoing emergency preparedness partnership.
  • Where cooperative resource sharing and collaborative partnerships provide a high quality, effective and efficient emergency response system.

In fulfilling our vision, we want the public to know that the members of Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue are committed to the community and to being an organization that:

  • Is forward-thinking, influences, is flexible and adapts to change in order to ensure that we are viewed as the best and are always available to both the community we serve and our governmental partners.
  • Stays focused on the primary objective of serving the greater good of the community, where the actions and deeds of every member represent the highest values and standards of public service, and together, we are the Fire District that others want to emulate.